“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift.” - Albert Einstein

New in the Gift Shop

New rocking chairs in springtime colors!


And we have the perfect outdoor pillows in to soften your seat!edit_DSC0097


Air Plants have landed!

We have beautiful new selection of tilandsia, or air plants, and aeriums. Come see our whimsical displays of these cool plants…

Air Plants

We have the air plants, the aeriums, and a cool book that contains tons of inspiration and ideas for displaying your tilandsia around your space as well as care tips.


Mudd Gloves and more! Great gifts for gardeners…

Gardeners, prepare for Spring while supplies are here and plentiful! Protect yourself from thorns, pricks, bugs, and anything unexpected with gardener’s gloves.


All different kinds and colors for men and women, boys and girls!