Our Roots

Enchanted Gardens and Enchanted Forest are the results of the hopes and dreams of a family impassioned by the miracles and beauty of Nature. Gary and Betty both studied and worked in scientific fields for many years. The sciences are not simply formulas and facts, but proof of how all life is inter- connected and that all life forms are dependent on our environment.

Our first business was “Country Gardens” in Missouri City in the seventies. Gary and Betty both had full time jobs and five kids to raise, but they also had a desire to grow plants and perhaps even sell those plants! All five children were involved in the work and the fun. Danny and Joey were five and two when each week, their Mom took them on “plant-hunting” trips. The patience of those two little boys is still a sweet memory. Country Gardens existed from 1977 until 1985. Of course, there were many trials and tribulations, but many, many positive experiences.

In 1985, the family moved to Richmond, and in 1995, Enchanted Gardens was started. Our four sons were all involved in the planning and the building. Joey, Danny, Jason, and David built a quaint little house on the corner of FM 723 and FM 359 for their Mom to use for selling a few herbs and flowers. We thought the little cottage was really “in the country” (but not for long!). We met and delighted in meeting so many gardening friends that we were inspired to keep growing.

Several years later a wooded piece of land caught our eye out in Booth. The beautiful trees were reminiscent of another Eden and there, Enchanted Forest had its beginning in 2001. Joey stayed to manage Enchanted Gardens, while Danny and Judy, with help from many friends and family members, began to build and establish the structures that would become “The Forest.”

Our history is filled with people that have helped us in endless ways. The folks who design, those who lovingly care for the display gardens, and those who delight in teaching are irreplaceable. Their passion and commitment are visible in their faces and in their words. They never fail to illuminate and inspire. Our customers, in turn, are a joyful, unending source of experiences and knowledge.

Now, the third generation is involved in the “enchantment.” Their young, eager, shining faces are ever so welcome. Our sincere hope is that in some way, with each visit, you may feel just a bit more at one with Nature, and take with you a few moments of peace and enchantment.

Supporting Our Community

The Enchanted Nurseries and Landscapes Family supports the community through eduacational programs, donations, school fundraising and local community activities.  It is our pleasure and priviledge to be a part of this community and the surrounding areas.  We believe that doing business is all about building relationships and trust.