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Citrus Canker: What you need to know by Ashley Grubb


Citrus canker is a term that we’ve been hearing a lot about lately and one that is relatively new to the ears of our customers. We’ve been getting lots of questions lately, and it seems like the past few years […]

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Mason Bees by Ashley Grubb


When it comes to keeping our gardens beautiful and productive, pollinators are everything! Most of us think of butterflies when we consider the pollinators we want to attract, but what about bees? Honeybees are great, don’t get me wrong, but […]

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Asian Cycad Scale on Sego Palms by Rebecca Band


It has been an excellent year for insects with the heat and rain we have received. Most plants have had their share of insects including Sego Palms. Owners of Sego Palms must take special notice and care to protect their […]

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Halloween Bug Blog by Ashley Grubb


In honor of it being that spooky, creepy-crawly time of year, when our nightmares come to life and scenarios from only the scariest of horror movies are set up all over town in the form of haunted houses, I thought […]

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Taking Care of Your Lawn after Sod Webworm by Rebecca Band


  For those of you who have been affected by Sod Webworm, or any other stress of the long summer, you may have noticed your lawn may be looking less than perfect lately.  Ignoring it could come with a large […]

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Invasion of Sod Webworms by Ashley Grubb


Last night while letting my dog use the bathroom in my backyard, I momentarily felt like I was in some strange indie rock, bug-related music video. The sun was setting, and each step I took released a cloud of little […]

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Grubs In Your Lawn by Ashley Grubb


When it comes to grubs, timing is everything. Right now, as John Grisham might say, is a time to kill. The little white ‘C’ shaped insects you sometimes find while digging in your yard or flowerbeds are the immature stage […]

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I HATE FIRE ANTS! by Ashley Grubb


                  This is officially the worst year I can remember for having these little jerks in my yard. When considering insects, I always try to find redeeming qualities in them, or reasons […]

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Heal Your Hibiscus by Ashley Grubb


Is your tropical backyard oasis looking a little less than resort-like? The heat can really take a toll on our home landscapes. Drought conditions surely affect the beauty and productivity of our plants, but now is also a prime time […]

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Death to Nutsedge By: Rebecca Band and Jim Lourim


Fall is just around the corner and getting your beds ready for planting vegetables, herbs, and winter annuals is a necessary step.  Nutsedge or nut grass is a real problem we all face this time of year especially with the […]

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