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The Enchanted Birds of the Blog: Birding the Woodlands and North


Early in February we had tried to spot the elusive Red-cockaded Woodpecker in Jones State Forest and failed. Now, in mid-March we would be much closer to breeding season and the odds would be much improved. Plus, there were reports […]

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The Life Cycle of Aphids


Now that there’s a break in the weather coming in our foreseeable future, we may soon start to be able to emerge from the air conditioning and venture back out into our hot, tired, and neglected yards. It’s time to […]

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The Enchanted Birds of the Blog: Birding on Bolivar Flats


In early March it was time to head down to the coast for some serious shorebird action! After fueling up at our favorite Galveston café we took the ferry across to the Bolivar Peninsula and started working the Houston Audubon […]

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The Enchanted Birds of the Blog: Birding the northern forests


In early February, our group of birders headed north, in search of rare woodpeckers and Bald Eagles. Our target areas were Jones State Forest, where breeding colonies of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers are known to reside, and the Cagle Recreational Area on […]

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Fireflies Light Up the Night


Nothing conjures up feelings of nostalgia and child-like wonder better than thoughts of collecting fireflies in a jar on a hot summer night. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of chasing tiny blinking lights through a dimly lit field, it’s […]

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The Enchanted Birds of the Blog: Birding the Katy Prairie


Once again we headed to the Katy Prairie last January to look for wintering birds. One of the must-stop places on our agenda is the viewing platform at Warren Lake. Constructed and maintained by the Katy Prairie Conservancy, this is […]

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Recent Infestation: Walnut Caterpillars


Are these caterpillars in your pecan trees? We have been seeing lots of them lately being brought in by customers for identification. They will feed heavily on pecan tree leaves and can defoliate entire branches when present in large numbers. […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Willow Waterhole


The monthly bird walk and count at the Willow Waterhole took place on Saturday, January 18th. Approximately 30 birders split up into 3 groups and spent 2 hours walking around the man-made lakes observing and counting local birds. As I […]

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Enchanted Gardens AKA “Cecropia Moth Paradise”


It’s that time of year to keep your eyes out…or maybe I should say watch your heads for the cecropia moth caterpillars! These guys are huge! After feeding on some of their favorite foods such as: maple leaves, fruit tree […]

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The Classic Garden Match-Up: Veggies vs. Insects


Do you feel like you are feeding all of your homegrown veggies to the neighborhood insects? Today I overheard a conversation between a fellow employee and a customer. As they stood together and stared at our corner of garden chemicals […]

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