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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Birding at Brazos Bend State Park


Even at the peak of summer’s heat, Brazos Bend State Park remains one of our favorite destinations. Sure it’s sweaty work, and the mosquitoes can be a bit pesky, but we’d rather be out and about instead of sitting on […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Birding the Bolivar Flats and Frenchtown Road


Even in the heat of summer, birding on the coast has great attraction, as in fact relatively cool coastal breezes can even make birding at the shore a lot more comfortable than birding inland. Taking the ferry across from Galveston […]

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Cecropia Moths Getting Ready to Hatch!


The countdown has officially begun! We’ve been patiently waiting for nine months while our giant Cecropia caterpillars turn themselves into beautiful moths. 2014 was a spectacular year for finding Cecropia caterpillars here at Enchanted Gardens. We collected over 25 caterpillars […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Attwater’s Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge


About 30 miles west of Katy is one of our favorite destinations, the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge, or APC NWR as we call it. This federally operated facility preserves a swath of the native coastal prairie in pristine […]

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Roly Polies


Did you know that there are tiny crustaceans crawling all over your yard? Ancestors of the sea creatures that swim deep in the ocean? One of my favorite childhood insects to watch and collect wasn’t actually an insect at all! […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge


After sampling the offerings of Brazoria NWR over Memorial weekend, my friend Wes and I decided to return as soon as we could. We were further encouraged to make the trip by credible reports of a Flamingo seen in the […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Galveston Island Coastal Birding


On Memorial Day weekend our ‘Birding Buddies’ group spent quality time together birding on Galveston Island. Remember the great Sargassum Seaweed invasion of 2014? We can attest that it was real and it was nasty… real nasty! You’ve really got […]

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Winter Preventative Insect Treatment


Happy New Year to you and your family! Any day now, winter should officially be arriving. Don’t think that just because the branches are bare and the air is a little chilly that there is nothing to do in the […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Birding a local gem – Brazos Bend State Park


In May of 2014 we visited one of our favorite birding destinations twice – Brazos Bend State Park. This location offers a wide variety of habitats ranging from freshwater lakes, to marshes, woodlands, and open grassy areas. It attracts a […]

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The Enchanted Birds of Texas: Spring Migration is Rocking on the Coast! (Part 4)


It is mid-April, 2014. The spring migration is in full swing and so are we, as our group heads east to hit the hot spots of High Island and Sabine Woods. These areas are famous world-wide as unparalleled birding destinations, […]

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