Custom Containers

No matter what you enjoy planting – veggies, herbs, flowers, shrubs or trees – you can plant some version of it in a container.  Colorful hanging baskets, planters and window boxes add impact, soften edges of patios and pool decks, and direct traffic in outdoor areas.

We are here to help you with your container gardening in several ways:

Plant Your Own- Why not leave the mess here and have all the plants at your fingertips for your container project?  Bring in your container from home or purchase your container from Enchanted Nurseries…either way!    When you buy your container plants at  Enchanted you are welcome to plant your containers in our potting area while using our soil and fertilizer (small fee for soil and fertilizer).   Take the guess work out of it and do your containers on-site.

Custom-Made Containers- Our in-house container designers are creative and experienced at creating one of a kind containers.  Bring in your pots or hanging baskets and have our experts create a unique custom design to meet your specifications.

At  Home Custom Planting- For larger or more numerous containers we will send our design staff to your home to create and plant your containers.  Having a party or just don’t have the time?  Call Judy at 832-731-2146 for consultation or estimate.